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1 WEEK till @vh1 the #lindaperry project! Can’t wait for you guys to watch! Tune in on July 16th +10/9C

queen-w-africa asked: A fan from france, your music is amaziiiiiin!!!



Anonymous asked: Girls you're amazing ! Your song "Killer lover" is my alarm clock, I love it so much !I remember your starting out, your little covers in front of your webcam, I was already impressed, and now you're here ! So glad that one day I discovered you ! xoxo, from a big french fan ! ♡



Anonymous asked: Besides your amazing music I totally admire your style of clothing. What is your biggest inspiration when it comes to clothing? Any favorite brands?


we love street style, online shops like asos and nasty gal but we bargain shop and thrift all the time too x

Anonymous asked: Where are you guys based???


so cal!

Anonymous asked: I have watched you beautiful ladies from the beginning! you girls are absolutely amazing. obsessed with your videos! but in a good way :) haha wish i was in america so i could catch live gigs! love from Australia - teish x


ayy haha thank you for the support, cant wait till we get ot go down there one day :)

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